Happy Valley Racecourse

Effective from 6 June until mid-October 2014, Happy Valley Racecourse will undergo construction work relating to the Happy Valley Underground Storm Water Storage Scheme. All night races held during this period will be relocated to the Sha Tin Racecourse, while cross-betting facilities will be available at designated venues at Happy Valley Racecourse.

During cross-betting at Happy Valley, Entrance B will provide entry to the Happy Valley Stand while Entrance D will provide access to the temporary Public Betting Hall.

Nothing beats the excitement of mid-week racing under the lights at Happy Valley. Surrounded by skyscrapers and looped by Hong Kong Island's famous tramline, Happy Valley racing is so popular that thousands of racegoers will come to enjoy the party atmosphere. Whether in the Public Enclosure or a private box, the views are excellent; the atmosphere is electric and the racing is first-class.

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