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22/12/2011 14:00Wish you a Merry Christmas and a bright New Year

The Hong Kong team has won three championships in this year's Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Races, the best record ever since 2002. When California Memory under Matthew Chadwick beat a top-class field to land the Hong Kong Cup, it was really an exciting moment for all local racing lovers - we've been waiting so long for the local jockey victory; since Colonial Chief's win with Tony Cruz on the saddle in 1989. Bravo, Chadwick!

However, after all this good news comes something quite upsetting. Our former champion horse Good Ba Ba, one of my favourites, will soon be racing again, as he has gone to Macau and is now back in training. During his glorious career in Hong Kong, he became something of an icon among local racing fans. He remains the only horse at home or overseas to win one of the Hong Kong International Races three times in a row, the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Mile from 2007 to 2009. As the horse will turn to 10, I'm worried about his current form and living conditions. He more than deserves a leisurely retirement. It's no wonder that Club's CEO Winfried said he was saddened by this decision. Next time when watching races in Macau, I don't know how I'll feel about seeing his familiar figure among the runners, maybe bittersweet. After all, his safety is more important than the result.

Christmas Eve is round the corner. We wish health and success to our lovely horses in the coming year and also warm wishes to you all over the Christmas season!

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RM Baby

RM Baby was the host of my HKJC Racing Master Game, and she is now expanding her experiences to different entertainment and enjoyment available in the racecourse, sharing every valuable and exciting moment with all the horse racing fans, and reporting the latest news on different horse racing events.

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