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17/06/2011 11:50Getting an up-close look at the beauties

I’ll bet that when many of you were younger, you dreamed of becoming models and being the center of attention. Although not many people get the chance of becoming an artist or a model, the desire to get a glimpse of them never changes. Catwalks are usually only found at fancy fashion shows attended by the elite, while ordinary people can only watch them on television. However fashion shows have also been found at the racecourses for many years. Nowadays racing fan can enjoy live fashion show at the racecourse.

The Prince Jewellery & Watch Premier Cup is the last Group race of the season, there will be a watch & jewellery fashion show this Sunday. Famous fashion designer Barney Cheng will be showcasing his latest collection of evening wear at the Parade Ring. In addition, to acknowledge the achievements of distinguished elites in the performing arts and other disciplines, the Prince Jewellery & Watch Premier Awards will be announced and honoured on the same day. I would remember to get the ''Scratch-and-Win'' card and take a lot of pictures of models, elites and horses for the ''Snaps at the Racecourse!'' competition.

Sichuan Success has won many races this season and definitely has a chance to win at the Prince Jewellery & Watch Premier Cup. Able One has won G1 race but he may be good at 1400m instead of 1600m when getting older.

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RM Baby

RM Baby was the host of my HKJC Racing Master Game, and she is now expanding her experiences to different entertainment and enjoyment available in the racecourse, sharing every valuable and exciting moment with all the horse racing fans, and reporting the latest news on different horse racing events.

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