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Want to participate in horse racing and enjoy the exciting atmosphere, but worry about all those complicated jargons, complex odds and draw statistics? Want to pick your desired horse by rational analysis and their emotional characteristics?

With the below 6 key categories, you will be able to fully understand the rules of racing, from general knowledge to trivia, which gives you an edge on the starting line. Racing is easy!

6 key Must Know Categories
6 key Must Know Categories Bet Trainer Jockey Horse Rules Racecourse

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Want to understand more? Want to get close with horses at paddocks? Want to feel the moment of hitting the finish line? We welcome you to visit the racecourse and participate in “Racing 101” hosted by our Racing Specialist!

Sha Tin Racecourse Race Day: Digital Zone (1/F Grandstand II, Sha Tin Racecourse)
Happy Valley Racecourse Race Day: Bar Corner (1/F Happy Valley Stand, Happy Valley Racecourse)


Do you want to enjoy the fun on betting with just basic horse racing knowledge? First of all, you have to learn all the bet types! Racing 102 will teach you all the bet types from single-race to multi-race, and further extend to exotic bets. After all, you will find that even All Up betting is easy! Betting, is as simple as that!

4 Kinds of Bet Types to Learn
  Single-race Simple Bets - Win, Place, Quinella, Quinella Place, 3 Pick 1 (Composite Win), Winning Trainer (Composite Win) and Winning Region (Composite Win)   Single-race Exotic Bets - Trio, Tierce, First 4 and Quartet  
  Multi-race Exotic Bets - Double Trio, Triple Trio, Double, Treble, Six Up and Jockey Challenge   All Up - All Up Formula  


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There are different runners to start in each race. Are you wondering if there is any formula on horse picking to follow? The answer is Yes! You should analyze the horses in various areas such as Form, Track and Distance, Jockey and Trainer, Draw, Class and Weight, Condition, and Pace and Trend. In simply 3 steps, you can pick your favorite horses easily!

3 Key Steps to picking the right horses
3 Key Steps of Horse Picking Finalise your Horse Assessment Table Impact of Pace and Trend Impact of Condition Impact of Class and Weight Impact of Draw Impact of Jockey and Trainer Impact of Track and Distance Horse Assessment Table

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